Filip Hnízdo



I'm Filip Hnízdo (pronounced "Nest") a writer, musician, computer thing developer and trainer born in Prague, Czech Republic and living in London, United Kingdom.

I currently work as a web developer and spend my time away from work writing (short stories, songs and poems), composing and sometimes performing music, mentoring young people at wonderful places like Coder Dojo London and making things on the web for myself and others (perhaps you).

Have a look around and get in touch via email, Twitter or telephone (UK) 07973532956 about anything that isn't spam (things relating to spam, if interesting, are very welcome).

Current hometime projects

  • Writing a short musical play about a planet with plans


Extended Play Reaper screenshot
Extended Play is a series of eternal compositions. Each is based on a collection of instruments playing five patterns of three seconds each. These patterns (aside from untuned percussion instruments) have been transposed into twelve musical keys and play randomly.

Orange, green, blue, indigo, violet, black and white stripes on the word "Stripy?"
Stripytext is a little bit of JavaScript that gives HTML fonts stripes. It works with any font/style and the stripes scale dynamically with the font size. You can use it for gradients and animated stripes as well. Just a little library made for fun.

Coloured Squares

Coloured Squares is an interactive art project I've been working on for many years. It's finally in a fairly stable stage. It can be used as a playground, game, social network or anything you want. Colours and images are pretty versatile things.